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Re: Request for feedback and/or participation on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PowerManagement

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Phil Knirsch wrote:
So if you have a minute please take look over it and either send me some
feedback or edit the page yourself. :)

As I noted on the discussion page:

IMHO, this needs more details on: * what parts of this are inherently GNOME-specific (because they reside in
* what parts are currently GNOME-specific, but should see support in KDE's
PowerDevil (i.e. task items for KDE SIG),
* what parts are systemwide (e.g. relatime).

        Kevin Kofler

Hi Kevin.

I've tried to keep it as Desktop independant as possible. The things i currently have on the page don't require any specific desktop. I think that in case there are specific things those need to be individually addressed by each Desktop, e.g. if PowerDevil should get powertop support like g-p-m now has then that needs to be done there of course.

That being said, having sane defaults for each Desktop is certainly important, e.g. having a decently short screensaver DPMS off setting as default or sane settings for the various power saving templates that g-p-m and PowerDevil support (last time i checked both had already good defaults there).

Regards, Phil

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