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Re: Request for feedback and/or participation on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PowerManagement

>> Enabling USB autosuspend looks like a good candidate for being a default
>> though. I've used it on quite a few Fedora 10 machines around here and
>> haven't experienced any problems so far, so it seems to have matured
>> enough by now from what i can see.
> Scanners and printers are the worst case for this. I think we really
> need to implement some kind of decent testing framework and build some
> whitelists.

That would be useful. There are often a lot of devices that don't get
used regularly but its a pain in the butt to disable them because when
you do need them you don't want to play around having to load modules
or reboot to enable them in the bios etc. The usual devices in this
regard are things like bluetooth. I use it to connect to my phone, bt
headset but in terms of the uptime of my machine its not used a lot.
Given that the default config for bluetooth is to be 'hidden' so
devices won't be searching for it in that case is there any reason why
it can't automatically be in power save mode when no devices are
connected if its hidden.

Other devices in this category are things like smart card readers and
pcscd, usb web cams, PCMCIA/Cardbus/ExpressCard slots and even
wireless when connected to a wired LAN (its great that NetworkManager
supports connecting to wired and wireless at the same time but is it
possible to get it to put the wireless card into a low power mode when
connected to ethernet that still allows it to be connected but in a
lower power usage? Esp if its not actively using that interface as the

>> Last but not least the dpms off, i think that should definitely be part
>> of the Desktop screensaver defaults, especially if you look at how much
>> power a modern LCD display eats when it's only dimmed down to black.
> Absolutely. If the default screensaver is "blank" then we should be
> entering DPMS very aggressively. I don't see any need for this to be
> configurable. I'm working on adaptive screensaver behaviour that should
> prevent this being something that has a noticable impact on the user.

I seem to remember this coming up in discussion years ago and wonder
why its still not the default!


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