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built-in USB drivers


since Fedora 10, USB drivers (more precisely, ehci-hcd for which a patch is required to be snd-ubs-us112l - alsa-1.0.18 - compatible) are "built-in" in the official kernel package.
For previous releases (F9), USB drivers always were modules, with the advantage that providing a patched module (using kmod rpmfusion framework) just required, after installing the kmod rpms, to disable/enable the module.

I do not know the motivation of Fedora developers for choosing built-in rather than module in the pre-compilation configuration: is
it indeed unavoidable ? Or does it exist a fairly simple way (I found nothing like this in documentations) to disable a built-in driver so as to replace it by a module, avoiding lengthy kernel compilation for just a few modified lines ?



Philippe Carrière <la-page-web-of-phil contact orange fr>

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