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Re: FLOSS Multimedia Support in Fedora

On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 19:45 -0500, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> I don't think that is the correct take-away.  Everything works in gstreamer.
Then go fix phonon to use gstreamer and everyone will be happy.

> It's probably important to have a more complete test.
You cannot do complex test when even the simplest one fails...

> It would also be good to try all mixtures of (FLAC|Speex|Vorbis) *
> (Theora|Dirac) * (w/ | w/o subtitles) * (OGG|Mkv) which is 24
> combinations by itself.
> (although I don't know how worthwhile the Mkv testing is— as far as I
> can tell it's mostly unseen outside of the movie piracy / anime fansub
> sites; and at those its usually used with H264)
Yeah, I haven't too, though I sometimes produce something in mkv+theora
because e.g. there isn't a way how to add subtitle streams to ogg.
Putting video in ogg is suboptimal and if theora starts to get used more
widely, people will probably realize the need for full featured
containers like matroska for storing theora.

> Some of the proprietary-codecs focused tools provide their own home
> grown implementations of the codecs (i.e. ffmpeg). These often do not
> implement the full spec, so its important to test their behaviour.
Last time I checked, ffmpeg contained open source but patent encumbered
codecs (i.e. not libre)... I don't think that classifies as proprietary.

> Here are some resources for doing that:
> Some good tests for Ogg/Theora:
> http://v2v.cc/~j/theora_testsuite/
> There are test vectors for Vorbis here:
> http://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/test-vectors/vorbis/
Thanks for the links :-)


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