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Heads up: unixODBC rebase and ABI bump

I'd like to push unixODBC 2.2.14 into rawhide before we hit beta.
This is not a trivial proposition because upstream has made some
intentional ABI changes, specifically adjusting the widths of some
integer datatypes so that they match the clarified ODBC specification
on 64-bit platforms.  This'll require at least a rebuild of dependent
packages, and possibly small source code adjustments if they were sloppy
about declaring the types of variables passed to ODBC functions.

repoquery shows the following packages as having dependencies on

jcollie		asterisk-odbc
jcollie		asterisk-voicemail-odbc
atkac		bind-sdb
gemi		erlang
jdennis		freeradius-unixODBC
buc		freetds
spot		gambas2-gb-db
rezso		gdal
rezso		grass
denis		libgda-odbc
jwrdegoede	mdbtools-libs
tgl		mysql-connector-odbc
rezso		ogdi-odbc
jsafrane	openldap-servers-sql
peter		openser-unixodbc
jorton		php-odbc
gemi		pl
tgl		postgresql-odbc
devrim		postgresql-odbcng
rayvd		pyodbc
gemi		q
than		qt-odbc
than		qt3-ODBC
spot		rekall-odbc

Comments, objections?

			regards, tom lane

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