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Re: Heads up: mdadm-3.0-0.devel2.1.fc11 added to f11

On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 11:28 +0100, Radek Vykydal wrote:
> Ok, my concern is a fix to appear in 64-md-raid.rules we use in F11.
> I sent the patch to Harald Hoyer, he applied the patch to fedora udev
> package, udev upstream applied it (modified), and it will
> appear in udev-138 package. So, taking the rules file from mdadm
> package, we need to use mdadm upstream having rules file
> from udev-138, or use patched rules file from udev package.

This means that mdadm and udev-138 will have a file conflict.  If it's
already in udev, I'll just remove it from mdadm.

> The patch fixes removing of sysfs subtree with udev after stopping array
> and we need it for anaconda storage rewrite for F11.
> (http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/hotplug/udev.git;a=blobdiff;f=rules/packages/64-md-raid.rules;h=def184f42c224ef04a7f5eb32398c3561e5fa265;hp=6fe4d46dc9741838ded6de63dae940aba87d32e6;hb=b822542608326092e177fd1707ca7fb53b2846c4;hpb=a402404fb23195839a9e008dbbe5edb5349c05b0)
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