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Re: [RFC] disable OSS sound support

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 11:08 AM, Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:
Olivier Galibert (galibert pobox com) said:
> > Nonsense. Try running an a.out executable on a current GNU/Linux.
> CONFIG_HAVE_AOUT and CONFIG_IA32_AOUT are still there in the kernel
> configuration.  Your point is?

... and we disable them. So, why is disabling them OK, and disabling
OSS not?


Because, a.out format is just a binary format, which is relatively easy to replace, while OSS is something that deals with hardware. In some cases (rare as it is), ALSA just doesn't work while OSS _does_ work. A case in point, one of my desktops has a VIA board, which breaks horribly in ALSA with its integrated audio. However, OSS works fine with it. PulseAudio can output to OSS as well as ALSA, right? In cases like this, I usually default PulseAudio to the OSS sink instead of the ALSA one. ALSA isn't the end all sink solution. If we want to disable it, we need to be certain that everything is on par with OSS or better. ALSA just isn't there yet, sorry people....

P.S: It's annoying having to manually move my post below quoted bits in Gmail, is there an automatic way to change the behavior of reply formatting?

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