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Re: config.guess manufacturer string?


> In a nutshell: what, if anything, should we do about this?

I believe the right answer is:

> Just leave it up to config.guess upstream like it is now, case closed,

Random comments:

> My reading of http://sourceware.org/autobook/autobook/autobook_17.html is 
> that the manufacturer part of the configuration name is the manufacturer  
> of the CPU, not "OS vendor" so the former "redhat" was always incorrect.  


> [...], people occasionally think the "unknown" (or "pc" for that 
> matter) is a bug.

OTOH, I always thought the "redhat" was a bug, and a grinned a bit
about it, but never cared to articulate my opinion.

So I'm glad that glitch is gone now.

> [...] why it was then dropped later on.

Perhaps people were not aware that removing the copying from
%configure means rubbing out the redhat stamp.
I always thought that that code is just copying a hopefully-newer
and hopefully-more-up-to-date copy of config.{guess,sub}.
And when I joyfully danced celebrating that this silly thing was
removed from %configure, I thought it has been just a cruft with
almost no effect.

Happy hacking,

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