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Re: Help needed with latex/R doc font issue

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 12:11:22AM -0500, Ben Boeckel wrote:
> IMO, since this is a TeX file, there is no reason to keep any non-ASCII 
> characters (unless nearly everything would end up in command form, such as 
> non-latin based languages). 

I have written LaTeX documents in latin1 (until last year), I don't expect 
to have to rewrite them in utf8 or use commands for accented letters. 
That being said, if there are only accented letters for people names, I 
agree that using commands is better (as I already told in the thread).

> Editors in *nix land assume UTF-8 (or subsets of). 
> There are editors that infer the encoding, but I don't think they're 
> among the norm yet. Manually changing for a TeX file would be highly 
> unexpected.

Given that stabilized utf8 support is quite young in TeX, I wouldn't say 
the same. In any case latin1 is upstream choice, in that case. So it
is expected to have to do something for the encoding. My opinion is that
it is better to leave the document as-is and set the editor encoding,
but if the packager wants to convert the document and modify the commands
related with encoding such that the document is still valid, why not.


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