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Re: Ready for new RPM version?

Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs math uh edu> writes:
> "TL" == Tom Lane <tgl redhat com> writes:
> TL> Since F-9 is still supported, isn't it a management failing to
> TL> have allowed this to happen without a plan to make mock on F-9
> TL> work?

> Mock still works on F9 just fine; you simply can't use it to build
> things for rawhide.

Right, at the same time that we are breaking lots o' packages with new
libtool and new gcc versions, and people desperately need to test fixes
for those changes.  I count myself very fortunate that I was proactive
enough to fix my own packages last week against the gcc44 branch.
Otherwise I'd be flat out screwed now; I can't update my machine yet
because I need it working in order to deal with other pressing business.

Workarounds invented after the fact don't impress me.  This should have
been foreseen and avoided by the simple expedient of not rushing things
on core infrastructure changes.  If we'd waited till F9 was EOL before
starting to depend on F10-only RPM features, we'd not have this mess.

			regards, tom lane

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