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Re: Ready for new RPM version?

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:

Panu Matilainen wrote:

Are we ready to consider a brand new RPM version for F11, amidst all this
mass-rebuild-for-strong-hash chaos and just days to go to development

We just put out first rpm 4.7.0 beta:
This is nothing like the 4.4.2.x -> 4.6.0 leap-of-faith upgrade last
year but it's still non-trivial amount of changes to get the kind of
memory use and performance improvements that 4.7.0 has, which is why
it's not just 4.6.1.

The wording of Fedora Feature policy pretty explicitly singles out each
RPM upgrade to be a Feature... I would like to hear a preliminary
opinion on it: if everybody is going to be an outright "NO!" then I'm
not going to waste my time with writing up a Feature page. If it's
"maybe" or "it depends" then ok, will submit as a feature in time for
tomorrows FESCo meeting.

So, should I bother with a RPM 4.7 feature page or not?

Just a packager's perspective but:

1) The memory optimization features look great!
2) A few of the API changes aren't clear if they remove old API.  Should
that be assumed wherever "should be transparent" isn't written?

Removals are stated explicitly AFAICT, but all of them are things that have only ever been useful within rpm and now wouldn't do anything at all. "No existing API consumer should be affected" goes for all of the API changes whether written or not. (but ok will clarify, the current version is just the first draft)

3) As the rpm maintainer, do you recommend we go with this for F11?

Would I have started this thread if I didn't? :)

	- Panu -

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