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Re: Fedora unusable on Asus eee 701

2008/12/31 Don Harper <duck duckland org>:
> On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 07:49:07PM -0600, Jerry Amundson wrote to To Development discussions related to Fedora:
>> On 12/30/08, Conrad Meyer <konrad tylerc org> wrote:
>> > On Tuesday 30 December 2008 09:13:56 am Valent Turkovic wrote:
>> >> On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 10:40 PM, Conrad Meyer <konrad tylerc org> wrote:
>> >> > *Please* stop posting the particular bugs that affect you to the mailing
>> >> > list as if they are higher priority than any other bugs.
>> >> Also I heard a lot of positive feedback when some specific bugs got
>> >> mentioned on this list, if you believe it is now important you can
>> >> choose to ignore that thread.
>> > (I believe you meant 'not' instead of 'now'.) That strategy doesn't really
>> > work. Ignoring spam that is sent to onesself regularly doesn't stop it from
>> > being sent. Please don't contribute to the internet's spam problem. I don't
>> > believe there is any added value in your regular mailings of the list with
>> > your own bugs.
>> Don't be so hasty to judge. They should not become frequent list
>> postings, true, but sometimes they can be a handy "heads up" that can
>> apply to others.
> For example, I have started to comment on the bug since I saw it
> mentioned here (my 701 works).
> Don

It's is interesing how yours and some other work and some don't work
with SD card reader.

I bought mine over six months ago and has SD card for similar time so
I thought that it could be a hardware error on my part but after I
talked with a friend of mine who bought his eee and 8BG sd card few
weeks ago and has issues with installing Fedora 10 on it (same issues
as described before) I concluded that it probably isn't a hardware bug
on my eee.

That friend has since installed Ubuntu (netbook remix edition) on SD
card and it is working for him. Ununtu-Fedora 1:0 :(

I'm not sure which kernel is ubuntu running and if there are some
custom kernel partches... but if you are interested I can look into


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