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Re: Dia does not work without .la files - BZ 475992

Huzaifa Sidhpurwala wrote:
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Some time ago there was a long thread regarding libtool files which
started with why dia has .la files.

I was unable to respond to that thread since i was travelling at that
time. In the mean time it seems that someone removed the .la files from
dia according to the fedora packaging policy.

However now dia crashes with an error message, i have done some
preliminary investigation ( Ref BZ 475992  ) and it seems that the
source is looking at the la files to determine the libs.

I am going to talk to upstream to see if this behaviour can be changed.
However my question is in case they dis-agree what are the options do we

Do we bring the .la files back so that dia works ?
tough choice... what should we select, a working application with .la files included, or a nicely-packaged-but-crashing app ?

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