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/etc/hosts re-ordered f10?


It seems in F10 the hostname and DNS domain name are now being added
as alias at the end of definition, ala   localhost.localdomain localhost f10.domainname.com f10

which unfortunately breaks kerberos in its keytab lookups.

Here what's happening in kerberos libkrb5.so.3.3 library (which
probably has not changed in while):

First the local hostname is looked up:
    gethostname(localname, MAXHOSTNAMELEN) returns 'f10.domainname.com'
[which is correct]

Next the IP address is looked up:
    hints.ai_family = AF_INET;
    getaddrinfo(localname, 0, &hints, &ai); returns 'ai->ai_addr =='
[which is kinda correct since is _a_ local address]

Finally a reverse DNS lookup is done on the ai_addr (
    getnameinfo(ai->ai_addr, ai->ai_addrlen, ...) returns 'localhost.localdomain'

[which is not exactly wrong, but the DNS address of f10.domainname.com is
 not its a 192.168.x.x address ]

Now if I simply remove the 'f10.domainname.com' and 'f10' from the line
everything works.

If I convert it back to how it was down in F9:  f10  localhost.localdomain localhost localhost

everything works as well since the DNS lookup will return actual 
hostname 'f10'.

So may questions are:

    - What was the reasoning behind the re-order? Was it needed to fix something

    - Has anything else been effect this change? If so what was done about it?

    - Who owns /etc/hosts? rpm -qf /etc/hosts returns "is not owned by any package"



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