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Re: Fedora unusable on Asus eee 701

On Thu, Jan 1, 2009 at 8:19 PM, Valent Turkovic
<valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 2:14 AM, Conrad Meyer <konrad tylerc org> wrote:
> Are you being intentionally ignorant or are you new to this list?

Oh screw you. You come to the *development* list and say crap like
this to contributing and active member?

Beside repeatably avoiding taking the proper channels to get issues
fixed, you can't even be polite.

Let me take a quick look at your contributions:

08-12-30 -- Posting about a bug that affects you (on devel)
08-12-29 -- Asking for tips on using your eee (on devel)
08-11-30 -- Asking a wiki question (on devel)
08-11-17 -- Asking about WEP keys and network manager (on devel)
08-07-14 -- Asking people to look at a sound issue for you (on devel)
08-06-14 -- Posting about 4 feature requests bugs you want (on devel)
08-06-12 -- Posting about a selinux bug that affects you (on devel)
08-03-30 -- Posting about a networkmanager bug that affects you (on devel)
08-06-09 -- Asking if Red Hat is dropping support for fedora (on devel)
08-05-27 -- Asking about fedoratv (on devel)
08-05-27 -- Reporting flash doesn't work (on devel)
08-05-27 -- Asking about webcam support (on devel)
08-05-27 -- Asking how to disable a feature in swfdec (on devel)

The development mailing list isn't for:
* The bugs that affect you
* Asking developers for help
* Being a jerk

If you don't understand that, you shouldn't be here. Thanks.

> have heard numerous times that priority setting is being ignored and
> it doesn't matter what you set it to.

Considering every issue you have ends up on the development mailing
list, I doubt *you* understand priority.

> Also I heard a lot of positive feedback when some specific bugs got
> mentioned on this list, if you believe it is now important you can
> choose to ignore that thread.

Look carefully. They generally are in the format "Watch out for this
bug, we're fixing it" or "Anyone knows how to help me fix.." or
something similarly constructive. However if Flash 10 isn't working
for you, use bugzilla or a help forum.

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