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Re: Package Review Stats for 2008

On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 6:05 PM, Eric Springer <erikina gmail com> wrote:
> Perhaps a silly idea, but how about a lottery? One ticket per package
> (or unit of work, if you can figure that out) and randomly give X
> prizes. I think it'll be more accessible for everyone, a bit more fun
> and a little less competitive.

I think your right.  Anyway we cut it, awards are somewhat arbitrary
since we aren't going to get the perfect metric of what the workload
really looks like. I love plotting things, just because I love data,
but I don't necessarily like personalizing the data.  A lottery
encodes the arbitrariness into the "award" process to some extent.

Taken this idea further, we could invest in one of those big air
chambers like you see on cheesy gameshows and fill it with little
scraps of paper with a reviewers name, one scrap of paper is a ticket
in the lottery. Paul walks into the chamber, the air turns on and he
randomly grabs X number of flying scraps of paper. All of this on
video of course.

-jef"Is it wrong that I think of the packaging process as akin to the
old Double Dare obstacle course, 'the messiest minute on television'

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