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Re: Ekiga dependencies

>> Or it could be you have an additional yum plugin enabled that is
>> pulling filelists as part of its operation.  I've no idea why you are
>> seeing filelist pulled.
>> -jef
> The only plugin I have installed is refresh-packagekit.  However, I just
> erased Ekiga & the two dependencies, did a yum clean all, and when I
> reinstalled Ekiga, no filelists were pulled, so whatever was happening
> is no longer, so I guess that's a good thing.

There's been no new packages for ekiga for quite some time. I was
hoping for a new version of ekiga with the last gnome stable 2.24.2
release but there wasn't one released so nothing has changed since mid

> For future reference, would it be better (this is my ignorance asking)
> for a dependency to be on a library (x.so.n) or on a package
> name/version combination (x.version)?

The rpm build process works out all the library deps as part of the
build process so its all basically done automatically.


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