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Re: make build will fail

Michael Schwendt schrieb:
> On Sun, 04 Jan 2009 12:23:14 +0100, Frank wrote:
>> Jon Stanley schrieb:
>>> 2008/12/30 Frank Büttner <frank-buettner gmx net>:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> can you tell me ,where must I put this certificates?
>>>> And where can I get it, because an fedora-packager will not be presented
>>>> at EPEL.
>>> The fedora-packager package is indeed in EPEL.
>> Now I have run fedora-packager-setup, this have build an new cerificate
>> for koji. I can login into it.
>> But when I try to run make build I get the same error like before:
>> /usr/bin/plague-client build ctapi-cyberjack ctapi-cyberjack-3_3_0-2_el5 el5
> Koji is for Fedora, EPEL uses Plague.
> What does your $HOME/.plague-client.cfg contain?
This is the containt of the file

user-ca-cert = ~/X509/Fedora/fedora-upload-ca.cert
server-ca-cert =  ~/X509/Fedora/fedora-server-ca.cert
user-cert = ~/X509/Fedora/fedora.cert

email = frank-buettner gmx net

use_ssl = True
address = https://buildsys.fedoraproject.org:8887
allow_uploads = False

Thanks for help.

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