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Re: Asus Laptop Fn-Keys and HAL

On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 3:45 PM, Mat Booth <fedora matbooth co uk> wrote:
> Hi
> I want to configure my Asus laptop's Fn volume keys as they do not
> currently work in Fedora.
> Looking in the 30-keymap-module-asus-laptop.fdi file I can see it
> expects there to be an "Asus Extra Buttons" device, however when I do
> a:
> #  lshal | grep Asus
> I see no such device. The asus_laptop kernel seems to be loaded
> however, because I can see the following two lines in dmesg:
> asus-laptop: Asus Laptop Support version 0.42
> asus-laptop:   F3Sr model detected
> I am new to HAL. How do I debug this?

Sorry to reply to myself.

I was just looking at the config for other brands of laptop. The FDI
for sony machines expects a device called "Sony Vaio Keys" and looking
in the source for the sony-laptop driver shows that this device is
indeed provided. (The same goes for Thinkpads.)

However, it does not look like the asus-laptop driver provides any
device called "Asus Extra Buttons".

I'd be amazed if the config that exists in
30-keymap-module-asus-laptop.fdi works at all!

Is this an omission in the asus-laptop driver? Would I need to
implement an input device driver to get it working?

Mat Booth

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