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Re: Dia does not work without .la files - BZ 475992

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Dan Horák wrote:
>> IMHO a working application is always preferred :-) But the plugin
>> loading mechanism can be checked why it requires the *.la files.
The only time I've seen .la files really being needed was with KDE-3.
And that wasn't so much an issue that couldn't be solved as the KDE sig
wanting to put effort into KDE-4 rather than working on the deficincies
in KDE-3.

> +1.  The problematic .la files that should be avoided are those associated with (linkable) shlibs.  Plugin .la files are mostly harmless.
I thought Michael Schwendt pointed out times when plugin .la's would
cause issues as well.  Is this chain of reasoning correct:  Plugin .la
encodes need for library foo's .la.  foo .la is packaged in the -devel
subpackage.  Plugins now drag in the -devel package and its dep chain.


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