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Re: Futuer of grub/grub2 to F11

On Sun, 2009-01-04 at 12:35 -0600, King InuYasha wrote:

> According to the SVN repo for grub2, its just the opposite!
> SVN repo: http://svn.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/trunk/grub2/?root=grub
> In the repo, the latest change was 42hrs ago. It is far from dead. A
> video subsystem has been implemented from the GSoC 2008 as well as
> some usb support I believe.

Hmmm...I may have looked at an old source repository or something.  Or
maybe it went dormant for a period of time.  However, what I find
interesting is that the md software raid support is largely unchanged
since I last looked at it.  No better, no worse.  So whether it is alive
or not, it isn't making any progress in that area and still can't
support md raid partitions any better than grub1 (well, a *little*
better maybe, but no version 1 superblocks, and certainly no superblocks
at the beginning of the partition which is what I would like to see
supported the most).

Doug Ledford <dledford redhat com>
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