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Re: sound problems

Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 2:16 PM, Christopher Stone <chris stone gmail com <mailto:chris stone gmail com>> wrote:

    2009/1/4 Paulo Cavalcanti <promac gmail com
    <mailto:promac gmail com>>:
    > You can try the latest alsa snapshot available in ATrpms:

    Whoa, bad advice...anyone with half a brain knows to stay well clear
    of anything coming from ATrpms.  Axel Thimm is one of the the worst
    packagers in the Fedora community, and installing his packages is
    *extremely* dangerous.

    Anyway, I have this sound problem too, thanks atleast for pointing me
    to the bug number...

Well, a lot of packages in ATrpms are mine. Including this alsa snapshot.
I am the person who spent almost two weeks with Takashi trying to debug
the sigmatel codec. Therefore, I think your comment is directed to me.

Thanks for Your hard work!
But the problem is not just with sigmatel.
It looks like many people with different configurations have problems with the new alsa.
I'm sure trying to fix them one by one in F10 is WRONG.
It's already ~10 days sound is broken for many users.
Most of them are not on this list/bugzilla. They just try to play a song and hear no sound and say "This fedora thing is bad. I should switch to RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu/MAC/Windows."
Fixing the problems one by one may last for days or weeks or even months.
What guaranties to bring sound back to everyone for whom it worked 10 days ago is reverting ALSA to previews version. Then we can switch to ALSA 1.0.18a in rawhide where none will be upset to not have sound for a month or two.

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