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debuginfo audit

I've been setting up to do mass tests on all the debuginfo files,
and I've generated some data along the way.


See https://fedorahosted.org/pipermail/elfutils-devel/2009-January/000065.html
for how to generate the data and how to grok the file.

An industrious volunteer could grep that for "missing", collate the results,
and look into the cases.  For each hit, filter out any old rpms superceded
by new builds in the summary, and categorize the case.

"src missing" means the debuginfo package appeared to contain no
/usr/src/debug files, but may have had some ELF .debug files.

"debug missing" means the package appeared to contain no ELF
files in /usr/lib/debug.

If both are missing, the debuginfo rpm might be entirely empty.  Look
into why the particular package produced nothing.  That might suggest
a package with non-compiled code or something that probably should
suppress making a debuginfo rpm.  It might also be a package whose
%install stripped everything, which should be fixed.

If just "src missing", that might be in an rpm all of whose ELF files
actually have no DWARF.  (I'm generating a list of all such files too.)
That can have several possible causes, some that should be fixed and
some that are just acceptable reality.  Should categorize each
affected package/file as to which.  I'll post more details about that
when I've got the file-by-file data (chugging now).


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