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Make love not war (was: sound problems)

On Tue, Jan 06, 2009 at 03:50:10AM +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Christopher Stone wrote:
>> Rahul, you should know that my post to the Maintainers list was
>> basically an exact version of a post Axel made on the developers
>> list.  I was simply showing the maintainers how Axel acts.

I'm sorry, did I miss something? What mails to maintainers and devel
lists? I hope, Christopher, you are not referring to the old mail I
had to write a year or two ago about you harassing me in lists and
bugzillas. I hoped that you would have grown up by now.

>> The only solution to the Axel problem is to avoid Axel and his
>> packages at all cost.  This is simply the advice I am giving here.

Well, the solution to Axel implies that Axel is a problem, which I
disagree. Call me biased, egoist, whatever. I see the problem in
completely unrelated and misplaced "hate you" posts.

>> I will not refrain from telling the truth about Axel, I'm sorry if
>> the truth bothers you...
> What bothers me is the way you choose to express your opinions
> towards a fellow contributor. You can disagree without being so
> rude.

Anyway, it's sad to see Christopher's hate parade tuning in
again. Yes, I get it by now, Christopher, you hate me, no need to
restate that again and again. Merry Xmas to you as well. ;)
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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