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Re: sound problems

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 5:30 PM, Christopher Stone <chris stone gmail com> wrote:
> Yea, I could, but in the case of Axel Thimm he has caused me, and
> countless others, many headaches so I wont be tactful.  In addition,
> it is a stretch to call Axel Thimm a "contributor", unless you want to
> count bugs, headaches, forked code and broken systems a contribution.

I can't let this stand.  This public character assassination
absolutely must stop.  As an outgoing Board member I am appalled by
this sort of deliberate attempt to go out of your way to besmirk a
fellow contributor's direct contributions to this project.  The
accusation that Axel does not constructively contribute to the
packaging process is easily contradicted by looking at the package

Here a subset of Axel's direct contributions to Fedora:

And more to the point, there are many public 3rd party repositories
out there which conflict to varying degrees with the official Fedora
repositories.   Do you plan to ridicule each and every contributor who
runs a 3rd party repo on the side which conflicts? Any Fedora
contributor which chooses to run a repository on the side is their
choice and its a users choice to mix and match repositories or not.

I may disagree with Axel's choice to spend as much energy as he does
maintaining Atrpms and supporting the userbase...but I'm not going to
single him out and ridicule him publicly for making that choice when
others continue to make that choice as well.

Axel if you are still reading this, for what its worth, I'm extremely
sorry that the disagreements over Atrpms are being publicly discussed
on this fedora mailinglist in the form of a personal attack.  There is
a very long history here, and I thought we had for the most part moved
past most of the personal demonizing at least in the fedora
mailinglists proper.   if I have in any way done anything to foster
this level of personal animosity in any discussion concerning the
technical issues around 3rd party repos and package conflicts I
sincerely apologize.


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