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Re: sound problems

On 06.01.2009 06:10, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Conrad Meyer wrote:
Why not put that work into Fedora / RPM Fusion? Seems a waste to
contribute to an incompatible 3rd-party repo.
Fedora does not allow kernel modules, and I think RPM Fusion is also the
wrong place for experimental upgrades to modules which are included in
Fedora kernels.

Tend to agree here. Getting the fixes into the Fedora-Kernel is the way forward. As that's what cebbert did with the latest F10 kernels afaics:

$ rpm -q kernel- --changelog | grep -B 1 -A 5 -i 1.0.18
* Mo Dez 08 2008 Chuck Ebbert <cebbert redhat com>
- ALSA 1.0.18a
  Dropped patches:

thx for that cebbert!

ALSA snapshots are something for an unstable repository,
which neither Fedora nor RPM Fusion have. (Kinda like the stuff in
kde-redhat unstable.)

*Hint, hint:* A lot of people requested a RPM Fusion unstable repo (and I think it would be good to have one), but nobody stepped forwarded yet to lay the groundwork for it -- e.g. discuss layout, rules, infra, and all those other details that need to be sorted out before it such a repo is started.

So in this case, putting them into
ATrpms's "bleeding" repo makes a lot of sense.

Normally yes, but not if the latest Fedora kernel already includes the same Alsa, then providing (nearly) the same in a different place is just wasting time and leads to confusion among users.


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