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Re: sound problems

Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:


if my memory is not failing, some packages appeared first in ATrpms
than if Fedora (livna/rpmfusion): xvidcap, xzgv, xv, etc. I am not discussing if these packages are useful or not. The fedora version of xzgv was never able to display the thumbnails correctly, for instance. Why? Because it has to be compiled with

Was there a bug report filed on this? Again, when problems are in a repository, working together to fix the problem is more of a benefit, compared to have alternative fixed versions in a place, where majority of end users won't benefit from it. If maintainers don't have time, step-in and become co-maintainers and fix the problems instead.

But the only reason for the existence of a 3rd party repo is a multimedia package. Almost all of them are based on ffmpeg, which is obtained from svn. Therefore, it is very difficult to have compatible packages, since ffmpeg API changes very often.

You just one single repository for patent encumbered multimedia and other things Fedora won't carry. You don't many many conflicting repositories for this.

Again, I understand the license issue,
but it would be much more
appropriate if Fedora did not supply it at all (I think a gstreamer solution only would be preferable).
But this is my opinion only.

Your opinion doesn't take into consideration why xine-lib is in the repository in the first place. Xine as a multimedia framework is a dependency on many many packages in the repository including KDE and Miro. Excluding xine-lib means, you have to exclude a whole lot of others from the repository as well. Try running repoquery on xine-lib for a entire list.

Besides, the xine-lib package in Fedora is carefully coordinated, often by the same maintainer to work with a single third party repository. Others when they have conflicting packages, create problems for end users which is reflected in the current discussions.

The only thing I cannot put up with is discrimination. For several years I have seen some people, in Fedora lists, execrating Axel. However, the thing came to a point that I can not stand anymore. When the subject changes from technical to personal,
there is nothing else to be said.

This type of behavior, when tolerated, works as "low (level) pass filter", and implies,
 by omission, in a consent of the community.

You would note that, many people including myself did oppose personal attacks and will continue to do so. Generalizations are not appropriate.


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