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Moving xine to Fedora (Was: Re: sound problems)

On 06.01.2009 12:44, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:
if my memory is not failing, some packages appeared first in ATrpms
than if Fedora (livna/rpmfusion): xvidcap, xzgv, xv, etc.
But that is pretty much irrelevant.

Strong +1

Which reminds me: RPM Fusion (just as ATrpms now and Livna and freshrpms in the past) ships xine, but that afaics should have been moved to Fedora ages ago after xine-lib had been imported to Fedora. But the xine maintainers from Livna/RPM Fusion afaics never found time for that :-/ . Hence I'm asking here:

Does anybody have a few spare cycles and is willig to submitt xine to Fedora? Dan HorĂ¡k recently even offered to do the review (see
), as he has a package which depends on it (hence it could go to Fedora is xine makes it into Fedora).


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