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Tracking new review requests?


I'd like to be notified about new Fedora package review requests by mail, only 
once.  I'm currently subscribed to fedora-package-review which is otherwise 
fine, except that I receive all of the review mail and not only the first 
mail sent when a new review request is submitted.

I suppose I could set up a filter that gets the mails I'm not usually 
interested out of the way, but I'd rather not receive anything but the first 
one in the first place (unless I'm submitter/reviewer/cc'd of course, but 
that's handled by direct mails).

Would it be possible to add a mailman topic to fedora-package-review that 
receives only new submissions?  I don't know how mailman topics are 
configured, but I suppose these can be detected by matching "New: " at the 
beginning of the subject.  Any other solutions?

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