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kernel-2.6.29-0.9.rc0.git4.fc11.x86_64 hang (?), yum-complete-transaction weirdness

I started the machine today, it booted the kernel stated. After futzing
around a bit (and starting yum update) the CPU usage went to the maximum
(as shown by CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor), the mouse did move but the
spinner on Firefox (opening a page) went very slowly and on starts and
fits. I could go to the System menu, but that was it. No reaction to "Shut
down..." No reaction to ctrl-alt-DEL, had to shut down by force.

BTW, yum-complete-transaction (the yum transaction did not finish) wanted 
to delete 1105 packages (!) while updating a handful. Killed that one... 

Ran "yum update", which finished normally; and then
"yum-complete-transaction" again. Now it wants to delete only 1102
packages, including yum itself.

After "package-cleanup --cleandupes" (which deleted some 20 leftovers) now
it's down to 1082 to go. Reassuring...
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