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Re: sound problems

Axel Thimm wrote:

I've done that a lot of times and withdrawn a lot, these are not the
package to worry about. And if there is a package in ATrpms that's in
a higher version than in Fedora it will be for a reason, and if not
bugzilla me.

No wild goose chases. I named specific examples and to the best of my knowledge, they are just there due to the history which isn't relevant anymore. Now that those packages are in Fedora repository, just drop them please. It's a very simple way to gain better compatibility.

For xine-lib and other similar packages, instead of conflicting, either drop packages or copy the Fedora (and rpmfusion one)

I've done that with several packages. And the result is that it takes
months to even a year to get it through. It is far from "just

It works fine for many people. The difference is that, they are willing to swap reviews inorder to get their own packages moving. If not getting reviews is your only problem, let me offer to do that or arrange to do that for all packages you agree to move from your own repo to Fedora.

There are dozens of third party repositories and asking every maintainers to cross check the entire list isn't that feasible. When it is, I am all for it.

And there are tons of Fedora packages submitted, it isn't feasible for
the dozen repos to check against every package submission in Fedora.

It is feasible for you to check your own repository packages pretty easily. It is not a huge list. If you are willing to coordinate, others, can and will help you out as well.


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