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xzgv in Fedora broken? (was: Re: sound problems)

On Tue, 06 Jan 2009 16:51:07 +0530, Rahul wrote:

Paulo Cavalcanti wrote:

> Rahul,
> > if my memory is not failing, some packages appeared first in ATrpms > than if Fedora (livna/rpmfusion): xvidcap, xzgv, xv, etc. I am not > discussing > if these packages are useful or not. The fedora version of xzgv was > never able > to display the thumbnails correctly, for instance. Why? Because it has > to be compiled with
> gcc3.

Was there a bug report filed on this? Again, when problems are in a repository, working together to fix the problem is more of a benefit, compared to have alternative fixed versions in a place, where majority of end users won't benefit from it. If maintainers don't have time, step-in and become co-maintainers and fix the problems instead.

Note I'm looking in to fixing the xzgv thumbnails issue. Why? To show that actually reporting problems helps I guess.



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