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Re: proposal for fedora11 feature ReviewOMatic

>>>>> "DR" == Debarshi Ray <debarshi ray gmail com> writes:

DR> The plan is to pull all such "other automated checks" in place.

Certainly, that's a good idea; I don't know how it works out
in practise, but that's no reason not to try.  However, my point was
that the mere existence of this software won't magically eliminate the
need for humans to do package reviews, and we're still not going to be
able to do significant numbers of package re-reviews given our current
manpower and the current rate of new package submissions unless the
community attitude towards the acceptable ratio of submissions to
reviews changes (or we magically acquire significant additional

>> The problem is that the terribly named "ReviewOMatic" can't
>> actually automatically review anything; a human is still required.

DR> What is in a name? It can be changed.

Well, I wasn't exactly silent about my objection when the project was
first proposed and I was ignored then.  I still wish that the name
didn't somehow imply that the software actually reviews anything
(because it doesn't); I've spent a lot of time actually reviewing
packages and find the implication that software can do it instead to
be more than a bit presumptive.  But in any case it's just a name, and
while it will continue to annoy me I'm not going to do anything
foolish such as demand that it be changed.

 - J<

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