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Re: improve-relatime.patch dropped from F10

Ricardo Argüello wrote:
Why was the improve-relatime.patch dropped from F10's kernel? F9 had
relatime on by default using this patch.
I first thought the upstream kernel had the patch now, but
/proc/mounts does not show relatime in F10.

I found this bug, looks related:

  mkinitrd can't deal with the "relatime" mount option

Speaking of, this looks to be... how old? Any chance of getting it fixed? (Especially with SSD's becoming more popular, for which it makes particular sense to request relatime?)

I mean... if you don't know about this bug and add relatime to fstab, you've just made it impossible to upgrade the kernel. And the work-around (edit fstab to remove relatime, 'yum update kernel', edit fstab to put back relatime) isn't very friendly.

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