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Re: proposal for fedora11 feature ReviewOMatic

>  However, my point was
> that the mere existence of this software won't magically eliminate the
> need for humans to do package reviews,

Sure. After it is just a tool, but the idea is to reduce the number of
manual steps to a review. Manually carrying out mundane things like
verifying whether the package builds in Koji/Mock, the Source0 tag is
sane, md5sum of upstream and packaged tarballs match, rpmlint output,
etc. should not burden a person every time he/she does a review.

> and we're still not going to be
> able to do significant numbers of package re-reviews given our current
> manpower

Matt Domsch already does his periodic rebuilds of the entire tree to
uncover FTBFS packages. Kevin does his SourceX URL checks. Think of
all those combined into a single application. Ofcourse the priority of
a FTBFS package is going to be way higher than one that is not rpmlint
clean, but looking at some of the recent merge reviews I am trying to
do, I think it would be good to have them noted somewhere atleast.

>>> The problem is that the terribly named "ReviewOMatic" can't
>>> actually automatically review anything; a human is still required.
> DR> What is in a name? It can be changed.
> Well, I wasn't exactly silent about my objection when the project was
> first proposed and I was ignored then.

In that case I did not notice it. To be honest, I did not select this
name in the first place and I don't like it very much either. Neither
did Rakesh. There was a project by this name created on
Fedorahosted.org which we joined and started working on. The name, as
you say, was an annoyance but we were too lazy to do something about

>  But in any case it's just a name, and
> while it will continue to annoy me I'm not going to do anything
> foolish such as demand that it be changed.

Foolish? Not really. I was just asking Rakesh whether we could have a
name change somewhere along the line or not. Suggestions welcome.


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