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Heads-Up: Deluge Update - Now noarch, using system rb_libtorrent

Hi, all.

I just committed an update to Deluge in rawhide (1.1.0-0.2.rc3) which,
along with the minor fixes from the bump to 1.1.0 RC3, contains a couple
of dramatic changes due to the rb_libtorrent update that I pushed

Firstly, the rb_libtorrent version is now more-or-less in sync with what
the upstream in-tarball copy is pulling, and so this allows us to skip
that in-tarball copy entirely and build against the system copy of
rb_libtorrent (and rb_libtorrent-python). Aside from the security and
bug-squashing benefits of using a system instead of a local copy, this
decreases the size of the built package by more than one-third (from 3.6
to 2.3MB).

Because of this change, the package now contains no arch-specific files
(just Python scripts, translations, and other data). Thus, it is now a
noarch package.

Please point and laugh^W^W^W yell at me if this causes any issues. :)

Thanks; and Regards.
Peter Gordon (codergeek42) <peter thecodergeek com>

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