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Re: Python, distutils, rpmbuild, issues

Gerry Reno wrote:

> Thomas just had a good suggestion and I tried it and it seems to work
> and it generates the .pyo files.
> My goal is to only use 'bdist' and 'bdist_rpm' configured using
> setup.cfg to generate apt and rpm files for various distros.  This sure
> simplifies things.  Are you saying that this is not going to be possible
> with Fedora/RedHat?
It depends.  bdist_rpm certainly doesn't generate packages that we would
include verbatim into Fedora.  However, it might be able to generate
rpms that are servicable for an upstream to distribute.  We do lean
heavily on distutils in our spec files for python modules so it's not
something that's impossible.  I'd watch out for gotchas like file
placement for data files, man pages, locale files, though.  And if
you're packaging an application rather than a module, things won't be
very nice.


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