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Re: F10/11 and Intel Integrated Graphics?

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 13:28, Mike <mike cloaked gmail com> wrote:

I'd be interested to hear what the general view about this is? F10 is really
excellent when it works but this kind of problem is really serious and should
not be ignored.

I have 3 different machines with intel graphics on them. The last i810 driver that worked for me was 2.4.2-1.fc10, circa 2008-08-26. I've tried pretty much every new version in rawhide since then, in combination with various kernels. without success. I've also added bugzilla entries, which for the most part seem to be ignored. I regularly scan through the bug reports to try to pick up hints on how to fix things. There are lots of reports (far more than usual I think) about the intel driver.

kernel 2.6.29-0.12.rc0.git7.fc11 doesn't work with compiz, so one of my suggestions would be to turn off compiz for a while.

It used to be relatively easy to restore just the old i810 driver in case of a failure. Recent changes in rawhide make it tougher to test because you'll probably need back out more dependencies.

There are very large changes being introduced both the the driver code and in the kernel. The bottom line is that the intel driver has been unstable for quite some time, and you should expect to be patient.


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