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Re: F10/11 and Intel Integrated Graphics?

darrell pfeifer <darrellpf <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Recent changes in rawhide make it tougher to test because you'll probably
> need back out more dependencies.There are very large changes being
> introduced both the the driver code and in the kernel. 
> The bottom line is that the intel driver has been unstable for quite 
> some time, and you should expect to be patient
> .darrell

You and I can mostly be patient but consider the enthusiastic newcomer 
who reads about this wonderful new Fedora distro in some magazine or on a 
website like distrowatch, and either downloads the iso or gets the free DVD
with his magazine - and then installs to find it fails abysmally.

He talks to some other guys at the local Linux User Group who tell him that 
he will get better success with Ubuntu - so he tries that and it works - 

Now imagine the chatter over a drink the next time he joins the local Linux
group social....

I have been using Fedora since its inception - and I can usually be patient
but how many people will be turned off permanently by issues like this,
both old hands as well as newcomers?

I think this is an issue that is ignored at our peril.

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