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Maintainer unavailable for a couple of months

I have a bug (475919) against nethack-vultures that should be easy for any
maintainer to fix (two requires(pre) commands need to be added to the spec
file). The maintainer is having problems with their Fedora key and doesn't
have time now to deal with fixing it and hence can't commit any changes.
They estimate they won't have a chance to fix this for a couple of months.

This bug potentially impacts the game spin (I haven't tested if the install of
that game actually fails yet, though there is a message stating that the
package was skipped because the preinstall script failed) which I am hoping
can be made for the alpha release.

I am not a maintainer myself, so i can't go in and make the change. I would
appreciate it if someone could take a look at this in the next couple of


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