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Re: Automatic update ran despite being disabled (which is bad)

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Essentially a bug in PackageKit that was fixed in a update.

Unfortunately, even though we have changed the default both in kde-settings
and in the code itself, KPackageKit still sometimes decides it wants to
auto-install updates:

I have no idea why this happens, nor does the upstream KPackageKit author.

Ouch. I saw a bug report earlier being closed and heard from someone (you?), that this problem was fixed. It is a pretty bad bug to ignore someone's settings and auto-install updates like this. People are going to assume, we are doing something sneaky behind their back.

There was an issue earlier with PackageKit or gpk-application as well where it would install some packages (preupgrade and new version of PackageKit iirc) and that to my knowledge is indeed fixed now.


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