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Re: New Fedora virtualization list: fedora-virt

Daniel Veillard wrote:
 Considering the size of virtualization in Fedora it makes sense
to have a dedicated mailing-list, and at the moment the existing
list Fedora-xen redhat com doesn't really fit the current state
of Fedora virtualization, so I created a new list:
maybe this will avoid getting posts about KVM problems or setup
on a list with a Xen centric focus :-)
The new list would be the correct place for anything related to
virtualization in fedora, both user and development issues,
and all hypervisors. The old list sounds the right place for
people still using Fedora <= 8 with Xen,


Woohoo, I was wondering where my KVM questions went. Excellent.

For those wondering, I think here are most of the Fedora mailing lists that are virt related:

libvir-list redhat com -- libvirt, libvirtd, and underlying libraries
ovirt-devel redhat com -- a management application and a minimal OS for managing virt
fedora-virt redhat com -- the new list
fedora-xen redhat com -- the old list
et-mgmt-tools redhat com -- virt-manager, virt-install, virsh, and related tools, also appliance build tools (thincrust) that target virt cobbler lists fedorahosted org -- for automated lab/datacenter/etc installs of physical and virtual machines spacewalk-list redhat com -- has a virt installation and management component (xenpv only now)

Let me know if I've forgotten any.

I am going to have to start collecting virt mailing list trading cards now...


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