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Re: MAVEN_OPTS and mvn-jpp

* Jerry James <loganjerry gmail com> [2009-01-06 16:46]:
> I'm having a build failure, on rawhide only, of a Java package that is
> built with maven.  When I run maven from the command line, if I give
> it more than one -DXXX option, it always complains that the second one
> is not a valid target.  I took a tip from a web site that mentions
> this problem and tried this (where the first 3 -DXXX options are from
> /usr/bin/mvn-jpp, and the 4th is the recommended way of using mvn-jpp
> in a spec file):

Can you post the exact command that you are running (when it fails) and
what the resulting log is?


> $ export MAVEN_OPTS="-Dmaven2.offline.mode -Dmaven2.ignore.versions
> -Dmaven2.usejppjars -Dmaven.repo.local=$MAVEN_REPO_LOCAL"
> $ mvn install
> That worked.  Is this an expected change?  If so, both the
> /usr/bin/mvn-jpp script and the wiki description of how to use maven
> will have to be changed.  If not, does anyone have any idea why
> multiple -DXXX options aren't working for me?  Again, this is on
> Rawhide only.  Thanks,
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> Jerry James
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