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Re: Non-responsive maintainer process for Damien Durand

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 00:53:37 +0530, Rakesh wrote:

> >> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/465075: FTBFS gdmap-0.7.5-6.fc6
> >
> While fixing this one I encountered a problem of 2 more folks fixing
> it simultaneously. Which resulted in unnecessary commits and bump.
> The basic problem is without assigning bug why we committing the fix ?
> This has resulted in confusion. Lets assign bugs at least before
> acting on them and that will help in collaboration.

The problem is you. Nobody else has committed anything at the same
time. In gdmap/devel, take a look at

  cvs diff -r1.9 -r1.10 gdmap.spec | less

which shows that you've reverted several old commits dating
back to Feb 2008. You've also decreased %release which resulted
in tag conflicts. To avoid all this, you ought to have started
with a fresh working-copy.

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