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BTRFS 0.17 in rawhide (at some point)


I've just updated btrfs-progs to 0.17 in rawhide, and will be doing
the same for F-10 and F-9 shortly.  If you are using the rawhide
kernel then you will be able to test with the newly merged btrfs
filesystem.  All testing is greatly appreciated.  Here is a wiki page
which outlines some of the basic commands you can use with btrfs


Btrfs has built in snapshotting, subvolumes and RAID support, so lots
of fun new things to tinker with.  A few disclaimers

1) Goes without saying, but this is a brand new filesystem that is not
finished yet, so treat it as if it would rather eat your hand than
keep your data
2) SELinux support is not quite there yet.  It does have xattr
support, and there is a patch available for support, but its not
upstream yet, so not in rawhide yet.
3) The disk format is not _supposed_ to change, but if there is some
major flaw found then it will change, so plan for the worst.
4) You cannot fill the disk about 85%.  This is not a bug, its a hard
limit, and on the TODO list to fix, do not be alarmed if it cuts out.

Please feel free to file a bugzilla if something goes horribly wrong,
stability and finishing out the remaining features is what our main
focus is now.  Thanks,


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