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Re: Problems with X font handling

On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 17:17:46 -0300, "Horst H. von Brand" <vonbrand inf utfsm cl> wrote:

> Lots of X programs (xemacs, xlogo, xfig) complain of missing fonts (and end
> up using some cheesy default font). I reported this originally against
> xemacs (at 478999), and now changed it to xorg-x11 as I believe this is a
> better match. xfontsel has only 4 fonts to exhibit now in all. This is
> probably due to the ongoing font handling overhaul in rawhide.

Assuming you already verified that fonts are actually installed
please run the following test for me:

1. Log in
2. Open gnome-terminal
3. run xemacs and verify that it fails like you described
4. su, "service xfs restart"
5. run xemacs again

If it still fails on step 5, it's not bug 430416. If it starts working,
then the problem is that we fixed it in libraries somewhere (with
X server remaining broken), and perhaps your apps use old libraries.

Please let me know how it goes.

-- Pete

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