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Re: Non-responsive maintainer process for Damien Durand

On Tue, 13 Jan 2009 17:36:59 +0530, Rakesh wrote:

> > On Tue, 13 Jan 2009 15:13:17 +0530, Rakesh wrote:
> >
> [..]
> >
> > The thing that bugs me is that you try to blame other people in
> > justification of your own mistakes. In the original post, and also in the
> > private messages. Okay, Matt forgot to commit the source, most likely
> > while committing fixes for other build failures. So what? If the package
> > had a maintainer, he would notice the build failure and fix this small
> > mistake. The pkg is orphaned, however.
> >
> Well I have already agreed of using old working copy and not checking
> diffs painstakingly. Between your commit in devel also ignored source
> import and build. You had updated to new version and didn't bothered
> to update the source and support your statement with a false argument
> that "if it had a maintainer". Package should not be left it that
> state.

You are mistaken. I am completely innocent here.

It was not me who did the version upgrade. Check your facts, please.

The only thing I did was to commit a spec file fix in devel for an
unowned directory and leave it to the old or new package maintainer to
decide whether and when to rebuild in Rawhide. Typically, maintainers
[even some who have been non-responsive for a few weeks] take the
chance and apply other updates [such as new version upgrades - hint;) ].

And even if I had noticed the missing tarball upload, it would not have
been my obligation to fix it. Rather I would have tried to find out the
reason for it.

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