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FESCo meeting reminder + new chair

Just a few friendly FESCo reminders:

First off, I was selected as the new chair of FESCo at the last
meeting. Anything that you may have formerly sent to Brian Pepple in
that role (sponsor nominations, requests for advice, etc) you can now
send to me. Brian is obviously still around, though :). I strongly
prefer trac tickets so that I don't lose track of anything (no pun
intended :) ), however any method of contact (IRC, private email,
public list, Fedora Talk ext 5102788) all work.

I'd like to thank Brian for his many years of service as the chair of FESCo.

Secondly, the meeting time for FESCo has changed as well,  We are now
meeting on Friday's, at 1700UTC in #fedora-meeting. I'll send the
agenda out the day before, or you can view the current agenda for the
next meeting at any time at https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/report/9


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