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Re: Nokia to License Qt Under LGPL

hello guys

forwarding a very sweet mail

will be very cool to have qt compiled by fedora mingw, allowing
development of window$ apps without window$, but the buildsystem of qt
need some fix's

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 7:31 AM, Nokia, Qt Software
<Nokia_Qt_Software mail vresp com> wrote:
> Dear Qt User:
> Nokia is pleased to announce that with the release of Qt 4.5 you will
> be able to use Qt under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
> version 2.1 terms. When released in March 2009, Qt will be made
> available under three licensing options: Commercial, LGPL and GPL.
> Prior versions of Qt are not impacted by this announcement.
> Nokia is committed to Qt and its continued development. By offering Qt
> under LGPL version 2.1 license terms alongside today's licensing
> options Nokia hopes to:
> - facilitate wider adoption of Qt across industries, desktop, web and
> embedded platforms.
> - establish Qt as a de facto standard for application development.
> - receive more valuable feedback and increased user contributions to
> ensure that Qt remains the best-in-class, cross-platform framework.
> - extend Nokia's existing platform commitment to the open source
> community.
> By offering a cost-free LGPL license as well as commercial and GPL
> licenses to Qt, you can choose the license model that best fits your
> development requirements.
> Irrespective of which license model you choose:
> - Qt Software is committed to continuing to provide our customers with
> the same level of professional support, services and regular releases
> you have come to expect of Qt Software.
> - We will continue to actively develop Qt, and with a greater degree
> of cooperation with the community through a new contribution model, we
> hope to make Qt even more valuable to our users.
> For more information on the introduction of the LGPL license and what
> this means for you, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions
> section on www.qtsoftware.com.
> Best regards
> Tom Miller
> Director of Sales
> Nokia, Qt Software
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