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Re: comps discussion at fudcon and the future

Le mercredi 14 janvier 2009 à 16:26 -0500, seth vidal a écrit :
> On Wed, 2009-01-14 at 15:22 -0600, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> > No. I want to update everything currently installed, and be /offered/ 
> > anything new. By "new packages" I mean "packages that didn't exist last 
> > time I ran updates" (as opposed to "updates of already installed 
> > packages"). Sorry for the confusion.
> Well having them 'offered' implies interactivity in a way that I very
> much doubt we'll have. If the group has new pkgs in it then those are
> requirements, not recommendations.

You can probably implement this by making the magic auto metapackage be
"@name-timestamp" instead of "@name" with no auto-update of its content.
And then add a yum command that shows the diff between installed
"@name-timestamp" and "@name-currenttimestamp", and proposes switching
from one to the other.

Nicolas Mailhot

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